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The Community Foundation receives great support and involvement from our Stockport County player and management team. Over the last few years, we have worked very closely with the club to develop and increase the number of County players working on the many different programmes we are delivering each week. This has been extremely beneficial in creating a special bond and more personable relationship with the local community and fans of the club keeping them in touching distance with the manager and players.

We are very proud to have a number of players working alongside our Sports Coaches each week delivering the many different activities throughout Stockport and Tameside. Our team of Sports Coaches working alongside the manager and players provides a great opportunity for the children to learn not just technical skills during the lessons but also help build upon life skills such as confidence, self esteem, sharing, respect and teamwork as well as developing long lasting friendships.

We are delighted to have the Manager of Stockport County, James Gannon continuing to support the Community Foundation on a weekly basis. The manager works on the Schools Partnership Programme each week offering children and teaching staff a fantastic enjoyable, professional experience. The benefits of having the manager and players working in the community are clearly visible with great feedback from children, staff and other members of the Community Foundation.

The important role and impact that our players and manager alongside our Sports Coaches is making an extremely important and powerful difference to what we see as the next generation of Stockport County fans. We have added our club captain Paul Turnbull to our team this year. Paul approached the Foundation back in 2019 after speaking to our manger and other players delivering on behalf on the Foundation. Another player Sam Minihan has been with us for over 3 years, using his experienced coaching background.

The players and manager attend additional activities such as School Fairs, Holiday Courses, Staff CPD Training etc and are vital members of the schools team of staff each week.

To have professional sportsmen being involved on a weekly basis in all activities we are delivering, has made a massive positive impact and experience to everyone and the regular positive feedback we receive highlights this further.

A good example of this is highlighted with Sam Minihan.  Sam is the PE Co-Ordinator at a local Primary School four days a week and within his School, he has a number of children with challenging and complex behaviour issues. Sam has used his status as a footballer at Stockport County to demonstrate such a positive and articulate role model for the children at his school and introduced a ‘County Reward’ system to try and reduce this problem with the challenging children.

Sam has introduced a half term incentive for these children. If one of the highlighted children had a good half term in class and lunch/break times, Sam arranged to invite the selected children to attend our half term Soccer Schools alongside attending a Stockport County home fixture.

Sam will arranged for the children to meet him pre-match and take them in to the changing room to meet the rest of the squad before making their way to their complimentary seats and watch Sam in action.

This has had a really positive impact on the children and they have certainly benefitted from this opportunity.

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